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For the last few months we have had to re-evaluate the Cottage Creative Residency. After much thought we have decided that the best thing to do right now, is to sell. We realize that the residency has only been open since September 2016 and this decision was not taken lightly.


Even though the residency was successful, there are many factors that influenced our decision.  After considering the pros and cons of moving forward we decided that the residency was for the future, and that for the present we wish to downsize and simplify our lives, concentrating on our health, travel, family, being social and for myself, my art practice.


We’d like to thank our amazing residents.  You inspired us with your presence and your projects and wish you the very best with your artistic careers.  We discovered so many amazing artists from all over the Outaouais and Montreal and we can’t wait to see your projects out there. We truly hope that we can stay in touch.


We feel we have learned so much and feel humbled by the overall experience. Although this is something we wish to re-visit later in life, this is not the end for the Cottage Creative Residency.





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